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The Phyla In The Animal Kingdom

The first is the domain. The second is the kingdom. And the third is the phyla. Phyla is the plural of a phylum. A phylum is the ranking that comes third in the classification of animals. The animals in a phylum are together because they have a set of shared features. This makes them grouped together.

The shared characteristics differentiate each phylum from the other. A phylum can comprise various animal species running into millions. There are various species of animals across the world and even scientists are yet to fully discover them. This speaks to the fact that the phyla is wide since it is the combination of each phylum.

Noteworthy, over the years, the features used in grouping animals into phyla have evolved. As better methods evolve, the features for distinguishing the animals also change.

Here are some of the phyla existing.


Arthropoda is a large phylum comprising various animal species. It has in it various classes of interesting animals. These animals are diverse when it comes to their habitats. They can be found across various places on earth. They also adapt rather quickly to changing environments.

This accounts for why they have been found in various places. There are various species in this phylum that live in the aquatic area while there are others that also live in the terrestrial area. This speaks to the diversity of the groups on arthropoda. The phylum is not only large, but also comprises animals spread across different habitats.

Crustacea is one of the subdivisions of arthropods and it mainly contains aquatic arthropods. Although some of the animals in the group have become terrestrial animals, the group is still largely for aquatic animals. Within this group, you’ll find shrimps and crabs. These are some of the most popular ones. These shrimps and crabs are also a food source for many.


One thing that makes this phylum important to the ecosystem is its importance to the food chain. Some of these animals are eaten by people from different places in the world.

For instance, snail and oyster are common meals prepared across different regions. Most of the animals in this phylum are the components of what you get in your seafood.

A good number of organisms in this phylum come with a calciferous shell. One thing about these organisms is that their bodies are always soft.


These animals belong to Echinodermata phylum and its characteristics include a spiny covering. The animals are adequately represented across many groups. They have existed since the Cambrian period, which is over 500 million years ago.

The animals have a rich history that connects all the way back to the Cambrian period. The animals have various species spread across a wide area. As such, there is a lot to learn about these species, as there are many across the board.

Over the years, scientists have written various papers on echinoderms and their evolution.

These are some of the phyla in the animal kingdom. The kingdom is wide, and as scientists unveil more animals, the kingdom continues to expand.