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Molluscs And Their Importance To The Ecosystem

These are highly diverse animals in the world and their importance to the ecosystem cannot be overstated. This phylum has some animals that you already know. These include squids, oysters, snails, among others. You might not know beforehand, but now you know.

One thing that makes this phylum important to the ecosystem is its importance to the food chain. Some of these animals are eaten by people from different places in the world. For instance, snail and oyster are common meals prepared across different regions. Most of the animals in this phylum are the components of what you get in your seafood.

A good number of organisms in this phylum come with a calciferous shell. One thing about these organisms is that their bodies are always soft. The skeletal framework is also exoskeleton. They also have a wide range of habitats where you could find them.

However, they are generally found in cool places, as this is the kind of weather condition that supports their survival. You can find them in terrestrial areas. You can also find animals in this phylum at the deep parts of the seas.

They also have a wide range of sizes and shapes. Some can have a size range around 20 metres while others can have a size range around one millimetre. These animals cannot be taken out of the conversation when it comes to their importance to the ecosystem and the human lives.

Asides from being an important food source, they are also an important source of jewellery. Most of these animals have shells and the shells have been used to make different pieces of jewelry. This improves the value of this phylum, as there are many things they can be used for.

Craftsmen across some regions are vast with making fashionable pieces from the shells. Where fashionable pieces cannot directly be made, the shells can form a part of the components used for greater pieces. In some other parts of the world, animals in this category are also developed as pets.

People raise them as pets, no matter how bizarre that sounds. This is yet another thing indicating the importance of this phylum to the ecosystem. Where it’s not used for food, it’s used for jewellery, and where it’s not used for that, it can also be used as pets.

Animals in this phylum have an adequately developed digestive system. They have a good organisation for their organs. They also have a nervous system, which is created with nerves and connectives. The animals also have separate sexes and they reproduce sexually to bring in new ones.

They also have a fertilisation process. This is the process through which the animals develop their eggs till the eggs hatch. This is a careful process as the eggs require a certain level of heat. The fertilisation process can both be external and internal. Their body activities are also regulated through the haemocoel which is the component through which circulation of blood is facilitated within the body system.