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Learn More About Arthropods

arthropoda is a large phylum comprising various animal species. It has in it various classes of interesting animals. These animals are diverse when it comes to their habitats. They can be found across various places on earth. They also adapt rather quickly to changing environments.

This accounts for why they have been found in various places. There are various species in this phylum that live in the aquatic area while there are others that also live in the terrestrial area. This speaks to the diversity of the groups on arthropoda. The phylum is not only large, but also comprises animals spread across different habitats.

This makes it an interesting phylum to learn about, as there are several features that come with the animals in this phylum. Asides from aquatic and terrestrial areas, there are certain species that are adapted to flight.

The body of arthropods is often in segments. The segments are in paired parts. arthropods are many in number. Scientists have been able to describe nearly a million arthropods, out of which a large percentage comprises insects. Yet, despite these high numbers, that might just be a tiny portion of the true size of arthropods.

Zoologists have established that there are various species that are yet to be described. The phylum is so large that it has subgroups, which comprises different categories of animals. This speaks to the largeness of the phylum and why it is a focal point for many zoologists.

Crustacea is one of the subdivisions of arthropoda and it mainly contains aquatic arthropods. Although some of the animals in the group have become terrestrial animals, the group is still largely for aquatic animals. Within this group, you’ll find shrimps and crabs. These are some of the most popular ones. These shrimps and crabs are also a food source for many.

Many people eat crabs across different regions in the world. Shrimps also form a part of seafood that you commonly see in fancy restaurants. Asides from these popular ones, there are several minute crustaceans that form a part of meals served in different restaurants.

Arachnida is another subdivision under arthropoda and it contains the likes of spiders and scorpions. Most of the animals in this category are largely terrestrial animals and they can be found under stones and on land across various places.

However, there are some that are aquatic. The animals in this category include mites and they can be found in freshwater and seas. Some of them can also be found on the host.

Many animals in the arthropoda phylum are small in size. This is the general way these animals are built. However, the aquatic ones are able to have larger sizes. This is because their bodies are influenced by the water that surrounds them. Scientists have examined the weights of many animals in this phylum.

The average weight of adult insects and spiders isn’t up to 100 grams. However, newer evidence has suggested that there is a particular megasoma acteon larvae that might weigh up to 200 grams.