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Salish Sea

Salish Sea is a wide sea that includes a vast area of water. The water cuts across everything between Vancouver islands and the Olympic. The sea also includes Juan De Fuca and the Strait of Georgia.

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Sponges are mostly found in the sea. They are very simple invertebrates with no eyes, heads, tail, or mouth. Their body is made in such a way that it contains holes, which are referred to as pores. When they want to feed, they do that by pumping water through their pores to distil some food particles.

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There are many species that fall within this category including sea whips, jellyfish, sea pens. Most of the Cnidarians you'll see all belong to the same origin. As such, they have a simple structure and they share similarity in features.

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A worm is an animal that can be found in the water. There are different species of worms you’ll find in water. Scientists have spent years studying worms and their evolution. Of all the worms on earth, the marine worm accounts for nearly 98% of all.

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Over the years, scientists have written various papers on echinoderms and their evolution. This provides insights into the lifestyle of the animals and how they have evolved over the years.

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One thing that makes this phylum important to the ecosystem is its importance to the food chain. Some of these animals are eaten by people from different places in the world. For instance, snail and oyster are common meals prepared across different regions.

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Arthropoda is a large phylum comprising various animal species. It has various classes of interesting animals. These animals are diverse when it comes to their habitats. They can be found across various places on earth.

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The first is the domain. The second is the kingdom. And the third is the phyla. Phyla is the plural of a phylum. A phylum is the ranking that comes third in the classification of animals. The animals in a phylum are together because they have a set of shared features.

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Here are blogs answering some of the most important questions about animal species and whether they are endangered or not.

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